Someone asked Jesus, "what good must I do to enter into eternal life?" The first answer Jesus gave is, "If you wish to enter into life, you must keep the commandments."  

How many Christians actually know the 10 Commandments?  Can we recite them by heart at a moment's notice?  What if I offer you $100 to do it?

Doug has offered high school students across the country - the youth who are the future of our Church by the way - a cash prize to recite the 10 Commandments.  Some young men and women out there have accepted the challenge and passed with flying colors.  Most often, however, not ONE youth in the audience was able to do this. If we do not even know the basics of our faith, how do we expect to live even a remotely intimate -let alone a life changing- relationship with our God?

The point isn't to prove we can recite the 10 Commandments.  The point is to know the basics of our Faith so we can actually LIVE it like we're supposed to.  In a world where our hot topic issues are constantly changing, there's one thing especially we simply cannot afford to struggle with, and that's the basics of our Faith.  Doug Barry, internationally acclaimed speaker and evangelist, has spent the past three decades traveling worldwide and helping men and women both young and old get back to the basics and understand the root of their Faith.  

Doug Barry speaks on a variety of topics and is known to be matter of fact​, ​​straightforward, and dynamic.  His passion and enthusiasm is not only encouraging, it's contagious.  We promise you, Doug will bring a powerful, life-changing dynamic to you and your audience!


  How to Prepare and Engage in the Fight

- Heroic Marriage 

- Be a BATTLE READY Parent

- Marian Apparitions

    *Only those approved by the Catholic Church

- The Power Of The Rosary


Doug has spoken for diocesan wide conferences, parish talks, missions and retreats, diocesan retreats, leadership conferences, confirmation retreats, marriage and parent retreats, pro life events, etc.  If you don't see your topic of choice here, contact us and make a request!  Doug is happy to accommodate the topic or theme of your event.


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