Who are You going to be?

It's something we can't put off, and we can't ignore. In a way, our world has always been like this, where you have to decide what kind of person you are going to be, what you want to become, and who you aspire to be's nothing new.

What is new, is the way it is affecting us and our world in the now, because now is all we have, and the past was the past, and so the now has a uniqueness that will always be and will never be again. And so on and so forth.

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Everyone has their own unique reasons why they choose certain things, and that doesn't go to say they are being controlled by an outside force and have no real choice, it only goes to show that every individual person is affected by their own personal experiences, And due to the IMMENSE differences in brain and body for each person, their experiences will vary VASTLY.

This is obviously a good thing, in the long run, otherwise, we would have no variety in this world. But it does also mean that every person has to make the choice of who they are going to be. Who are we going to be in the world we live in now? In our lifetime? Are we going to fit in or stand out? Are we going to create change or go with the flow? Sometimes we have to do a bit of all these things......just not at the expanse of morality. You see, throughout all of this change, and uniqueness, and individuality......there is one constant.

Morality. Which can be clearly defined as TRUTH.

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And truth must be that point which drives us to choose the right things to be. It must be our driving force behind that age-old question, "Who am I going to be?"

But this is where it can get sticky. Because it's very popular in our world today to say "Go live your truth." But that's where we encounter problems. Because there can't be multiple truths for different people, that just defies logic. I can't say, "For me, the sky appears red, but for you, it appears blue." Or, "When my body is dehydrated I don't need water, but you do." Or, "For me a baby only has value when it's been born, but not for you."

There is either truth, or there is not. And if there is one truth, then there are others, because according to the logic we can see many truths in the world all around us. Isn't that what science is all about? Finding the truth of a matter?

And this, in turn, brings us to another, and possibly, the very bottom line for this train of thought and argument.....everybody CANNOT be right. Somebody has to be wrong. But it seems like not many people want to admit that. Which makes sense, nobody wants to admit they're wrong, it's humbling and sometimes humilating. Because it means our "truth"was wrong. The very way we were living, the basis on all our opinions and views and behaviors was wrong. No wonder people will fight tooth and nail to try to prove their point and not admit defeat on their moral veiwpoints.

Being wrong is scary. It makes us rethink who we are, and that messes with our identity. And losing ourselves is scariest, and makes people go into "self-preservation mode" or survival mode. And this is why people would rather scream obscenities at someone who has another opinion, (especially a moral one when their own they know, deep down, is not moral) rather than engage in meaningful conversation about it.

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What can we take away from this? Choosing who we are going to involves going deeper. It means we have to find TRUTH. Not just any truth, but the ONE truth. And who is truth?

God is truth.

Those who have a problem with truth actually have a problem with God. Because truth and logic go hand in hand in this world of ours. And people use logic for many things in this life. It's logical to think of an intelligent creator for this wonderful world we live in. It's logical to think that there is a certain set of truths that are right and just and most healthy for us humans to follow. Just like it's logical to know that every human body has certain vitamins and minerals it needs, it's logical that our spirits and minds have a certain set of truths they need to be most happy and healthy.

God is logical when you really think about it. A life that has a higher purpose than just living and dying is logical when you really think about it. When we can't even fully explain things like love, or knowledge, sacrifice....God is logical.

God is truth.

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So, when you decide who you are going to be, don't decide to live "Your truth," but decide to live "The Truth." Because that is where true happiness lives.

God bless and strengthen you, I'll talk to you soon.

-Zach Barry

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