What will happen next?

Hello and welcome. If you're like me you probably wake up every morning and look to see what new crazy thing has happened in the hours you've been asleep. Maybe that's not you, but I do know that there are many people who feel this way.

This is a public service announcement to let you know you're not alone, and you're not going insane. If anything the world around us is just going insane. But that doesn't mean we have to.

One thing I think is becoming more and more prominent in the last few years is for people to automatically dissect, and take opposing sides when something new arises.

And this doesn't mean that one side isn't right.....but oftentimes both sides demonize the other, so much so that we move way beyond the point of being able to talk about the differences, and it moves to shouting and name-calling.

I believe that when a people, a society, a government for a county....that when they move to demonize the other, that is when the unity and the very fabric of a nation begin to fray. Because it makes anyone who disagrees with you a "fool". It makes people "hate" the other side, and worse, it makes those who disagree with you your enemy.

This is not how a country, a nation, a people survives in unity. This is how a nation dies. From within.

So what do we do?

We can do a few things. We can stop letting the narrative told to us by the media and the "news" outlets turn us against each other. We can realize they make their money by telling dramatic stories so that they sell. We can think for ourselves. And last but not least we can realize that EVERY single person has value, even if they disagree with us.

Obvious, and people say they realize this...but do they? We wouldn't be where we are in this world if we put what we say we know into practice.

This is what will help heal our world. By being what we say to be. Christians and believers in Christ.

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I'll talk to you soon. God bless and strengthen you!

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