What's at stake??

What’s at Stake?

The story of David.....Do you know it? Doesn’t everyone, to some extent, know the story of David and Goliath??

Let’s paint the we have David -- He was a shepherd boy-- and we have the Israelite Army. But we also have Goliath and the Philistine Army.

Goliath was over 9 and a half feet tall and was challenging the Israelite army. But nobody would accept the challenge because they were too afraid...and for good reason!

Imagine having some hulking warrior taller than your ceiling asking you to fight him?!

Okay, but then where's David? Oh yeah, he’s not even a soldier in the Israelite army. He’s just a shepherd boy. But he goes to King Saul of Israel.

“I’ll fight him” he says.

“Seriously?” Saul says back.

Well, that’s sorta what was said, with some creative license taken.

Saul tries to get David to wear his armor, but David prefers to feel fast and free without being weighed down by the heavy breastplate. He selects some stones for his sling and goes to face the giant.

Goliath is a bad guy, and he tells David he’s going to kill him, then scatter his flesh across the land for the animals to devour.....David tells him no, but that after he kills Goliath he’ll be the one scattering his flesh for the animals.

Goliath is amused.

And that’s when David STRIKES!

He twirls his sling and the stone inside shoots out like a rocket -- it embeds in Goliath's brow and the giant topples to the ground in a cloud of dust!

Instantly, David runs to the fallen Philistine. He draws Goliath's sword and brings it down!

Beheading Goliath.

The day was won, and the Israelite army was saved by a shepherd boy. does this story relate to now? Does it even relate to now?

Why tell the story of David?

Because times are rough. Yeah, they’ve been rough before, but that was for other people at a different time. And maybe they heard this story of David and took inspiration from it as well. Just like we can.

We can look at everything around us, from the political mess, to the mass hysteria, to the hatred for others......and we can take away a couple of things.....

1. God is stronger than it all, and we must move forward with a sense of peace and hope, and try to bring love to those around us.

2. Although we must do the above, we cannot be pushovers or think that to show love and peace we must be weak. We have to DAVID UP!

David Up means we have to behave as David would in a crisis. It means we have to have a sense of purpose and bravery, it means we must be a person of God.

Now, some may have a different take on this story, and I’m sure there are those out there who say that we can’t be like David because he was violent, and we aren’t supposed to be violent as Catholics and Christians.

Well yes, of course, we’re not supposed to be violent and aggressive as Catholics.

But that doesn’t mean we’re supposed to be doormats either and let people walk all over us and treat us badly.

Defending yourself and standing up for yourself is not being violent or aggressive. Being a Christian calls for good and moral action!

David was not being “aggressive” as the term nowadays goes, which implie