The Great Reset and the World Economic Forum| New World Order?

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

The Great Reset....What is it? Maybe you’ve heard the term recently? Maybe a family member was talking about the Great Reset at Thanksgiving?

Let me introduce you to something called the “World Economic Forum.” Sounds impressive, doesn’t it?

Now that you have been introduced, let me tell you about their tagline....... Warning, it is a little bit unsettling.

“You will own nothing...And you will be Happy” says the World Economic Forum.

And what is the World Economic Forum, you may ask? Well according to their “Our Mission” page, when you go to their website, it is this...........

The World Economic Forum

“The World Economic Forum is the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation.

The Forum engages the foremost political, business, cultural, and other leaders of society to shape global, regional, and industry agendas.

It was established in 1971 as a not-for-profit foundation and is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. It is independent, impartial, and not tied to any special interests.

The Forum strives in all its efforts to demonstrate entrepreneurship in the global public interest while upholding the highest standards of governance. Moral and intellectual integrity is at the heart of everything it does.

Our activities are shaped by a unique institutional culture founded on the stakeholder theory, which asserts that an organization is accountable to all parts of society. The institution carefully blends and balances the best of many kinds of organizations, from both the public and private sectors, international organizations, and academic institutions.

We believe that progress happens by bringing together people from all walks of life who have the drive and the influence to make positive change.”

Sorry, that was a mouthful to have to read, but now you have an idea of who they are, and what they say their mission is.

But here lies the problem... Their agenda.

They say: “The Covid pandemic has presented a rare opportunity to reset our world, making society fairer and greener, using the power of innovation for good.”

Here is where we get the name, the Great Reset.

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Now, as that stands, it doesn’t sound too bad, right? I mean, yeah, who wouldn’t want a more fair society.

It can look pretty good at first glance until you realize that the people behind this agenda (people like the president of China) have strong socialist leanings, or, they are just downright socialist/communist!

Okay, but what is Socialism? Most people don’t even know.

It is described as “a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.”

Socialism is contrary to Capitalism in that it destroys the free market, which is the lifeblood of economic growth, in that it gives everyone the ability to perform as well and hard as they choose, to create the life they want. Such as what they produce for the masses, either being a physical good or social good for the betterment of the human species.

A free market propagates growth because success in the free market rests solely on how much effort a person puts into their aspirations. Whereas a socialistic outlook on governing, not always, but most times insinuates the idea that those who work hard must also provide for those who would not work hard otherwise.

Because how can one who would not even work hard for themselves, in a free market, work hard for someone else in a socialistic government where their work is distributed to the masses?

And why would one who does work hard for themselves, when that is stripped away, continue to work hard for someone else?

In a perfect world, and on paper, the socialistic ideal scores a few points, in the matters of how simple and in effect “unifying” it appears.... but off paper, it opens up a whole new can of worms.

Because for Socialism to work, it requires that the government intricately weaves itself throughout the whole network of a nation, where once latched, it can control much of what happens.

Also, Socialism is very close in form to Communism which is described as “Communism is a philosophical, social, political, and economic ideology and movement which is a socioeconomic order structured upon the ideas of common ownership of the means of production and the absence of social classes, money, and the state.”

A major problem with the allure of Socialism today is that the people who advocate for it seem to only see it as a way to “redistribute” the wealth...the wealth which they did not create. A better way to say this is they only want it as a form of welfare so that they can be taken care of by the ones who actually work hard.

Socialism is bad for society. That much we can determine.

And if in a “Great Reset” Socialism is the bottom line, we can really start to see how things would unfold.

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“You will own nothing...And you will be Happy”

Sounds......very foreboding, don’t you think? And slightly.....well it sounds VERY Socialist! Just like a Great Reset does!

This is why we should be prepared! Because there are people out there who wish to take away our freedoms and not only that but wish to CONTROL us and treat us like less than we are as human beings who are made in God’s holy image.

You can find a list of the Checklist we have for preparedness HERE

The World Economic Forum isn’t a myth, and their agenda isn’t a Hoax. And I would strongly encourage you to watch the video on this post. It will explain in more depth what their message to the world is.

But, in all things we walk with God! Courage and strength in the face of evil and darkness.

God bless you all, and talk to you soon!

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