The Covid Vaccine

The Covid Vaccine.

The world has been a buzz about this. Some people are saying one thing, others, something else.......It’s pretty crazy.

But if we can sorta cut through opinions, ideas, and fears, we get to one thing.

The Vaccine is REALLY new....And that means we should be careful, and tread with caution.


Well because we have no idea the side effects of a new drug.

There are concerns about this new Covid Vaccine, as there should be. There are some concerns as to what is in it? Is it safe?

You can learn more about it in the video HERE

And, aside from those very valid concerns......there is the concern of how the government will begin to implement this new Covid Vaccine.

How will they do it?

Will they make it mandatory? Will they enforce it? Will they let each person make their own choice?

There has been a lot of talk about this new Covid Vaccine. Now, we know that some of it if is only “talk” but how much of it isn’t?