Prepping For Beginners

Hello everybody, we’re back with another Blog.

If you’ve been one of the many who are staying with us and keeping up with these posting I want to say thank you, you’re awesome, and I love having you with me.

Okay, our topic today is.... Prepping For Beginners.

But let’s break that title down even further and start out by saying this......

BEFORE “everything hits the fan”, as the saying goes, there should be 5 CRITICAL things we are doing.

What does that mean? Well, it could be anything from a natural disaster....fires, hurricanes, and floods....or it could be political problems....or riots and looting in the streets. We have seen all of these things and more in this country at one time or other.

But what do I mean when I say, Prepping for Beginners...?

I mean physically yes, as the term Prepper implies (although some think it is a negative term, and the lifestyle of a “prepper” can be taken to an extreme, especially when God is out of the picture) BUT, aside from the physical, it means, and even more importantly, SPIRITUAL PREPPING.

So, that being said, let’s start naming off these 5 things beginning preppers should be doing.


Get to confession, and make sure you’re in the state of Sanctifying Grace. Which, simply put, is God’s life within us. But, we lose Sanctifying Grace when we commit a mortal sin. And the conditions for a mortal sin re Grave Matter -- Full Knowledge -- Full Consent.

Going to confession and having that mortal sin forgiven gives us Sanctifying Grace back. And fight to stay in it. By using Prayer, Sacraments, and Holy Scripture.

Because we never know when we will die, and so it would be terribly irresponsible for our souls to not have them ready to stand before God and be judged.


If you are having a hard time in your marriage, or sibling or parent, or neighbor....try to heal them. Ask for forgiveness, if you have to.

Healing old wounds is what we are meant to do as Christians, and we MUST see Christ in everyone.

So doing our best to heal relationships is part of our calling as Christians, and is one of God’s most vital commandments when he said to “Love Your Neighbor.”


Find LIKE minded people, and build relationships with them. I promise you, that having alliances and friendships in a crisis, can do a world of difference. I can help you survive.

From a natural disaster to political upheaval, having allies, and friends to help you out is essential.

But these conversations can be hard to have, and can even be embarrassing if you realize you’re friends aren’t on the same page as you.....which is why it is important to figure out who you can count on BEFORE a crisis would happen.

And if you’re here listening to this message that probably means you have some idea already of what “COULD” happen....especially with where our country is at the moment.

So, have the conversation. Figure out how you can your friends can work together.

But, what else can be said to “Prepping for Beginners?”

Let’s keep going!


And, actually, there are 5 things we can cover in this #4 as well.

Because when it comes to Provisions, that doesn’t just mean food and water.

Here are the things you need to cover under your ‘PROVISIONS’ title.

  • Food

  • Water

  • Medical

  • Self- Defense

  • Shelter

We talk more about these 5 things and break them down in DETAIL in our Course which you can find HERE

So, start developing your provisions, things which will help you thrive, physically, and psychologically.


Start developing your in gardening, or repairing things, or building something.

In a crisis, it is crucial to have skills like this.

Also, skills can be developed in areas such as self-defense, or firearms training. Again you can find more on this in our course. You can find it HERE

The bottom line when it comes to #5 is to be able to have the skills so that you can USE THE GEAR YOU HAVE.

Just imagine having a firearm, or some flint and steel......and when the time comes for you to have to use them you have no idea what you’re doing....It’s not a pretty picture to imagine.

So develop skills. Lot’s and lot’s of skills if you can, the more the better. And hey, if you never have to use them, you’ll still be bettering yourself through learning, so there really is no downside to this.

REMEMBER the goal in a crisis is to not just survive but to THRIVE.

So, to recap!

  1. Get Your Soul Right with God

  1. Heal Your Relationships with Others

  1. Start Building Friendships with other People

  1. Start Developing and Adding to Your Provisions

  1. Develop Skills

And remember, we have all of this (whole manuals) on this stuff in our course. Find it HERE

Also, click HERE to check out our Train And Prepare page to find the things we just talked about.

Once again, thank you all for being here with me! God bless you, and I’ll see you next time!

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