EDC Gear

EDC stands for Everyday Carry. Certain items you carry at all times that could help you in a given situation.

So what do you have on you? What would be good to have?

These things change given the climate or places someone lives.

A good idea is to keep it simple, and not carry too many things, otherwise, people won’t keep it up, and they'll stop if it's just downright uncomfortable.

We can start with simple things like:

Wallet, or Purse

Inside there is a driver's license, and some cash maybe, and your debit or credit cards.

Also, it’s good to note, if you have a conceal carry permit for a firearm, always make sure this is also in your wallet or purse.


For communication, especially in case of an emergency.

Keys - Key Ring

There are many things people can put on their key ring, like a bottle opener, small knife, etc.

Now, we can get to some extra things which could be a good idea to carry.

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This is a great tool for many things, not just limited to a self-defense situation. And, actually, you would use it 99% of the time for other things rather than defense.

Small Flashlight

Good for lighting up dark parking lots at night, or if you need to see in your house during the night.

Some flashlights are better than others, and some can click onto your pocket or belt.

Fire Arm

If you have a Conceal Carry Permit then you would also have your firearm. And a good note to add to this is you must keep practicing if you have a firearm. Training is key for safety.

Also, remember the 4 Rules for Gun Safety.

  1. Treat Every Gun Like It’s Loaded

  2. Never Point the Muzzle at Anything You Aren’t Willing to Destroy

  3. Keep Your Finger Off the Trigger and out of the Trigger Guard until You Are Ready to Fire

  4. Know Your Target and What is Beyond and Around it

When it comes to Firearms you have to respect them, as tools, but you can’t be afraid of them.

You have to know what they are capable of, but also know that as long as you follow the 4 Safety Rules, you will be fine.

Next, we have.....

A Good Belt

A good quality belt can come in handy in a bad situation.

Good Footwear

Good shoes that you keep in your car, or that you are just in a habit of wearing are important. Obviously, hiking boots are more durable than flip flops.

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Now as Catholics we can carry other things as well.

A Blessed Rosary

Demons hate a blessed rosary. And some exorcists say that Catholics should always have a blessed Rosary on their person when they leave the house.

It’s just a good habit to get into.

Brown Scapular

This is a wonderful devotion to the Blessed Mother, and if you are enrolled in the Brown Scapular, you should always be wearing it.

So, spiritually speaking and naturally speaking, you want to cover both in your EDC.

Click HERE for a FREE EDC Checklist!

There are a lot more ideas on the FREE EDC Checklist so I encourage you to check it out.

Now, if you’re not used to carrying extra items on you like this, then make sure to START LIGHT. Don’t go adding all these things to your EDC and then realizing it’s too hard so you quit. Start small, and go from there.

So, maybe start with the Brown Scapular and a pocket knife? Or Flashlight and Rosary?

Just don’t burn out too fast. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

And if you want to watch the video that goes along with this blog post just click HERE.

So, thanks for joining me today, and God bless and strengthen you!

See you next time!

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