Historic Winter storm in Texas

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Today we’re going to talk about the winter storm that struck the world last week and hit a few places pretty hard.

Me being from Texas, I’ll focus on that.

It was bad, and in some areas, still is bad.

Power was gone, water was gone, there was no heat and for the first time in over a hundred years, there were sub-zero weather conditions--along with more snow than any Texan has probably seen in their lifetime.

There were many unfortunate accidents, as people were trying to keep warm, and some even passed away due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

What can be gleaned from this? What can we learn?

Because that’s what we do as human beings....we try, and we learn from our mistakes. That is how we’ve come so far from the Dark Ages. So what can we learn?

I think there are 2 things here.........

  1. We are not in control. Man is, and always will be powerless against Natural Disasters

  1. We can do our best to prepare AHEAD of time so that if a Natural Disaster strikes we are able to SURVIVE.

Common sense can dictate this. It can be summed up as.....” just the way it is”.

So what do we do? For mankind to take an honest look in the mirror and say to ourselves, “You are not God,” will take some strong convincing. As human beings, who are smart, resourceful, and who have free will it is very hard for us, as part of our fallen human nature, to look at ourselves like gods who can do anything. But it just isn’t true.

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Over and over throughout history, we can see and find examples where mankind has tried to play God, and it has ended with devastating effects. Now, I’m not saying that this winter storm was a punishment for mankind trying to play God, no, I’m just saying that it’s a reminder that we are not God.

We are limited in our capacity. Mankind is limited.

Some people seem to think that the ancient civilizations of old prayed and worshipped the sun and moon and weather because they were uneducated, or even lesser than we are now......when in fact maybe they had it right the whole time, in the fact that they knew they were not the most powerful force in nature. They knew that one blizzard or one storm could wipe them out if they weren’t prepared for it.

We can learn something from them.

They knew they had to be prepared for the bad times.........

Now, in some ways that have changed for us, but, the fact still’s just the way it is! We still have to be prepared for things all the time! We have to be prepared for dinner (we have to have food to eat) we have to be prepared for rain (we have to have shelter) there are still things we must be prepared for!

That will never change, because we humans, as physical beings, need physical items to survive.


But in many ways, we have grown soft. We don’t know where to turn do we be “prepared” for a blizzard, or hurricane?

We have to learn.

It’s funny, now that we are a “civilized people” all we do as a society is busy ourselves with books and college and financial bonds.

Which is well and good and completely fine....but.....we’ve forgotten how to take care of ourselves without the help of Wal-Mart.

This storm last week really hit that fact home in Texas for millions of people.

So, we need to learn. Where? How? Use the INTERNET! There are thousands of things you can learn for free on the internet about being prepared for disasters.

Or, if you don’t want to take all the time trying to find it all, you can check out a premade course we’ve put together HERE.

In this course there are over 4 hrs of video content, along with detailed workbooks explaining all the necessary things that must be taken into consideration like:

  • Food

  • Shelter

  • Water

  • Medical

  • Defense

These are the main 5 key things.

One last thing to think about is also Spiritual Preparation. Now, many might say they’ll just pray and just God, but God also works through ordinary means, which is why we have doctors, mechanics, and farmers.

Here’s the link one more time if you want to check out the BR Prepare Course


Thanks for joining me, and may God bless and strengthen you!

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