Fearful or cautious...which are you?

There is a difference, and those who say there isn't....well they just don't understand.

Because before we can determine which we are we have to be able to determine that fear caution are completely different things that may stem from the same place, being concern, but having alternating effects and goals.

When we have concern for something we have two choices.

  1. We can let it grow into fear and think irrationally.

  2. We can become cautious, and not lose our minds and still make good decisions.

Let's dive deeper so we can really see the difference.

Fear is something that controls us. As stated above it makes us behave and think irrationally, and it can be very damaging to relationships, and family.

It is something that if not controlled and dealt with, can destroy someone.

There is a lot of fear out there in our world today......and although caution is good when it comes to many things that are prevalent issues, fear is in no way a good thing. Look at where fear has gotten us as a society.

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There is constant fighting! If someone disagrees with you you have to destroy them. You have to bury them in a torrent of terrible words, and then "Cancel" them so that everybody else knows that they are BAD.

I don't know about you, but that seems pretty irrational to me and looks to be a direct effect of FEAR.

Now, on the other hand, we have Caution. Which, to the untrained eye, may be thought of as fear, but it is drastically different.

When someone is cautious, they keep their wits about them, and they can still behave and think rationally. They haven't thrown their critical thinking skills out the window. They are still able to act with charity towards someone who disagrees with them because they know that they are fine, even if someone has another opinion.

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Now, of the two, Fear and Caution.....which looks like something we should strive for as a Christian people? Which one do you think God wants us to be? Which would should all Catholics be?

Obviously, Caution is much better than Fear. We should be cautious and not fearful. And part of being able

to withstand fear is knowing what you would do should the thing which others are fearful about, happen.

You can combat fear with confidence in yourself. Either in a plan of action or in trusting that you have done all you can and so fear is only a distraction.

Fear is actually supposed to be a good thing.....

Let me explain.

Fear is a natural, chemical response of the body to things that could harm us. It is meant to motivate us to RESPOND. To ACT. To CHANGE something. In other words....fear is not mean to be the end of the road. When we feel afraid we aren't supposed to stay there as humans, we are supposed to move and go to a place inside ourselves where we can think rationally to fix whatever the problem is.

Think about it. Way back when, when the early settlers were afraid of starving during the winter what did they do? They didn't start blaming each other, or start treating others as outcasts, NO! They took ACTION. They planted and hu

nted and PREPARED for winter.

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I guess that's the point I can leave you with. Fear can be mitigated with a plan of action.

That plan of action can be anything, but as long as it's yours, and it's healthy, it can do wonders against the temptation to fall into fear and blame.

Good things come from a plan of action, and good things come from being cautious because when you have a plan of action the most natural thing is to go from fear to caution. Because you have a plan, and you think you're going to be okay.

And that's the most important thing. Making sure you're fulfiling your duties God has given you and creating an environment where you and your family are cautious, but Okay.

Because future generations are counting on your sanity and caution right now. What are you going to do about it? Be Fearful, or Cautious?

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God bless and strengthen you, and until next time...

-Zach Barry

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