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We know that the Coronavirus has canceled many events. That's why we are now offering Doug's talks at the click of a button. 

Get digital downloads of Doug's most popular talks over the years in seconds to your computer. 

Popular titles include:

The First Line of Defense: How Fathers can understand and take charge of their God-given role as the physical and spiritual leader of their family.

Battle Ready LIVE: Basic instruction for every Catholic on how to be aware of, prepared for, and engaged in the Spiritual Fight.

Battle Ready 101: A step by step break down of the physical qualities we can put into practice to defend ourselves and our loved ones.

Battle ready E-BOOKs


This is a fictional account

based on the Passion of

Jesus Christ, as seen

through the Apostle

Saint John's eye's,for the

purpose of meditation.

This meditation takes you

through Holy Thursday,

Good Friday, and Easter

Sunday, all the way

through to the Ascension

of Jesus Christ.

Self-defense is a basic, God given right and duty, not only to protect our own lives in the face of an assault or attack, but also to protect those who have been entrusted to our care.  In this book you will learn the basic Church teaching regarding the duty to defend and how to go about protecting yourself and your family.  

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