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BATTLE READY along with United States Grace Force deliver the only Catholic membership of its kind
- BR Coalition Membership.

Inside, you will have everything you need to grow in your Faith, have the Catholic community you crave, and know ACTIONABLE steps for combatting the evil we see in our world today. All in line with Catholic Church teaching.

Enrollment is currently Closed. 

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BRC is for you if you are:

A husband, wife, father, mother, Deacon, Priest or anyone in between that is Hungry for Catholic camaraderie and community

Feeling alone as you take a stand against the evils we see all around us

Needing accountability to help you achieve your goals in your faith, family, and health

Ready to become better prepared for what is coming in our world - Body, Mind & Soul

Know our Faith is not a passive gateway to Heaven and want a Faith community to challenge you to grow and become the Saint God is calling you to be

Older and wiser and long to be apart of something that is powerful, spiritual and rooted in the One, True Faith

"We continue to "train up" as mighty supernatural warriors. We are so blessed to have my good friend, Doug Barry, share his decades of experience in becoming "Battle Ready." Doug, along with his entire family, have poured themselves into preparing the best of the best in getting us all united in our training through this "Battle Ready Coalition." Please consider this most excellent training ground." - Father Rick Heilman

"...Come join BRC, it will change your life- body, mind and soul."


When you Enroll,
each month You'll Receive:

+ The tools you need to lead your family spiritually so you are equipped for spiritual warfare

+ Monthly Training Video based on that month's training topic to grow and take action spiritually, mentally and physically

+ A monthly pdf manual to help you (and your family) grow body - mind - soul

+ Expert Guest Speaker Interviews that are NOT censored and uploaded to our private platform

+ Monthly LIVE calls to ask questions, pray together and interact with other members

+ Monthly tips for healthy exercise and nutrition no matter where you are on your health goals

But, above all else...

BRC will give you the confidence and community to finally have consistent prayer, a powerful group to encourage you and pray for you, and the ability to take yourself to the next level of your Faith journey by combining powerful prayer AND action.

Every dime goes to keeping the lights on at the Ministry and furthering the BATTLE READY message.

Enrollment is only available a few times per year and is currently closed. Join the waitlist below to be the first to know when the doors open again!

PLUS... Get These Incredible BONUSES when you enroll:

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We are OFF Facebook and on a private online platform. No more censorship.

Introducing CIRCLE - you are going to love it. We are saying NO to the cancel culture. 

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Learn the Church's teachings on self-defense, when and how it is allowed and even when it is our moral obligation.

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"Come Join BRC, it will change your life - body, mind, and soul."

“The Battle Ready Coalition is fantastic! Material in the BRC really challenges you to do better with your body, mind and spirit. The community pushes you to do better and to learn from each other. Doug and the rest of the BRC team truly care about you and helping be ready in this life for the next. ...their burning fire for the faith is true and infectious!! Come join BRC, it will change your life body, mind and soul. God Bless you Doug and the rest of the BRC!!” - Rich

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Learn how to physically become BATTLE READY by being healthy and better prepared to protect yourself those God has entrusted to your care. 


Become BATTLE READY with mental toughness, clarity, and peace of mind.


Transform your Soul to be Spiritually fit and grow your spiritual and prayer life so you can continue walking the narrow road to Heaven.

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More Testimonials from our members

"It is an awesome group and I’m so happy to be part of it!  We are a force to be reckoned with! Deus Vult!" - Jane

"You are like the Bruce Willis of the Catholic world." -John

“It is Doug Barry and Battle Ready Strong that has inspired me to pray the Rosary daily. God Bless you Doug, for all you do!" -Miles

"These videos from Doug are wonderful. I am learning and growing so much spiritually. Thank you Doug! You are really helping me. God bless you!" -Bill

"Your enthusiasm is exhilarating!!! We need more role models like you, Bless you." -Tessa

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Doug Barry is a devoted husband, father, grandfather and founder of BATTLE READY, a Catholic apostolate that focuses on encouraging and strengthening men, women and youth to be better prepared to fight the battles that we all face in the world today, body, mind and soul. Since 1992 he has traveled both nationally and internationally, speaking to young and old alike through television, radio, and live appearances. 


Doug is probably known best for his one-man drama of 'The Passion' which began in 1992 and has been performed live around the world, and aired on EWTN the Global Catholic Network. For many years Doug was the co-host of EWTN's 'Life on the Rock' and now currently hosts the television show BATTLE READY, also aired on EWTN.  

Doug still travels around the world, offering his services as a speaker for a variety of events, retreats, conferences, parish missions and more.

The BATTLE READY COALITION is the newest venture of the Battle Ready Ministry. Doug wants to reach as many families as possible to be better prepared for spiritual warfare.

"I long to see you so that I may impart to you some spiritual gift to make you strong— that is, that you and I may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith." Romans 1:11-12

What are you waiting for?