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In a time where truth is masked and freedom is in grave jeopardy, discover how civilizations, cultures and humans in history began slowly descending unknowingly into the chains of socialist and communist regimes.

DOOMED TO REPEAT IT | Official First Look Trailer (2022)


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You have at least a small understanding about what has taken place throughout history when it comes to dictatorships, freedoms being stripped, attacks against humanity, and even the brutality of communist and socialist regimes.


However, this film is not about the Nazis, or the concentration camps, or the dictators that have come to power in the past.


No, this is the story before the story.


We are answering the question, 'How is it that human beings just like you and me went from leading normal lives to weighing 70 pounds and walking into gas chambers by the hundreds of thousands?'


'What happened the years, months, weeks, before the gas chambers, before the camps, before the freedom of religion was taken, before communities and countries who once lived in harmony suddenly SNAP?


This is that story. Because, those who don't know history are...

Doomed To Repeat It.


need your

$300,000 isn't much in the film community but as we launch BR Coalition Productions, this is the first goal we need to hit in order to share this story before the story with the world. 

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May God Bless You and Thank you for Your Incredible Generosity!

Meet The Crew

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Doug Barry
Executive Director

Doug is known for his one-man Passion performance, as a Catholic Speaker, for his own show BATTLE READY on EWTN and is a devout Catholic husband, father and grandfather. His passion and calling from our Lord is to prepare Catholics - body, mind and soul and educate them in the truth of our Lord.

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Jordan Barry

Jordan has over a decade of experience creating and shooting films, documentaries and professional commercials. With experience with BBC and other major networks including directing and filming the BATTLE READY show on EWTN. Outside of his film career, Jordan is a dedicated Catholic, husband and father.


Haley Barry
Executive Producer

Haley is a devoted Catholic wife, mother of three and film producer. When she isn't playing with her children, she is working hard to help further the truth and spread the Faith through online networking and film.

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How Can You Get Involved?
it's simple.

Step #1 - Pray for the success of this Catholic Production Company and the docu-film, Doomed To Repeat It

Step #2 - Offer any connections, talents or resources that will help us be the answer to sharing the truth through media

Step #3 - Choose a Tier and Contribute



Are you interested in becoming an investor for BR Coalition Productions and Doomed To Repeat It, have a question, or wish to speak to our Producer?


Please email Haley Barry at

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